Top 3 Upcoming Airdrops — September 2021

#3 Afen Blockchain (AFEN)
About the Project
AFEN is an NFT market project, aiming to convey decentralization. It started out as an initiative in Africa, wherein centralization and inefficiencies are real problems. Through NFTs, AFEN will be capable of facilitate Real Estate transactions with low prices and provide a decentralized education platform among college students and tutors. Talking about NFTs, AFEN also is trying to enter the Art scene by way of digitizing contemporary and legacy African Art.

How to Participate in the Airdrop
Start date: Monday thirteenth September, 2021 @ 09:00 GMT
Total Airdrop Amount: 1,000,000 AFEN
Number of Winners: 1,000
1) Add AFEN in your CoinMarketCap watchlist: https://coinmarketcap.Com/currencies/afen-blockchain/

2) Join the Telegram group:

(a) https://t.Me/afenblockchain

(b) https://t.Me/afenupdates

© https://t.Me/cryptotickertrading (elective)

3) Follow those money owed:

(a) https://twitter.Com/afenblockchain

(b) https://twitter.Com/AfroxNFT

© https://t.Me/CoinMarketCapAnnouncements

(d) https://www.Reddit.Com/r/AfenCommunity

(e) https://twitter.Com/CryptotickerIo (optional)

4) Complete the undertaking: Retweet: https://twitter.Com/Afenblockchain/reputation/1428673877111103490?S=20

five)Complete the Task & Fill the given shape https://bureaucracy.Gle/TvD7dVahKTrkTUb1A

About the Project
If you love sustainability and are have a passion for the surroundings, then this assignment is simply for you. SUNI seeks to reverse the negative influences on the planet via using a blockchain-powered platform. SUNI is a sustainable token, that runs on a sustainable decentralized alternate. Aiming at reversing negative climate trade, customers can add their green mission at the platform, then get funded therefore. Think of it as the decentralized and sustainability-orientated model GoFundMe.

How to Participate inside the Airdrop
Start date: Friday 17th September, 2021
Total Airdrop Amount: three,500,000 SUNI
Number of Winners: 1,000
Add SUNI in your CoinMarketCap watchlist: https://coinmarketcap.Com/currencies/suni/
Follow SUNI Twitter account: https://twitter.Com/sunitoken
Retweet the SUNI Tokens Airdrop event and tag 3 of your first-class friends that love the SUNI. Here is the tweet to the retweeted: https://twitter.Com/sunitoken/reputation/1434911247665872898
Join SUNI telegram institution: https://t.Me/sunicoin & CryptoTicker’s https://t.Me/cryptotickertrading (elective)
Join SUNI discord channel: https://discord.Gg/s6SrHCb2UH
Fill inside the airdrop shape and depart your ETH deal with. The shape will be available on https://coinmarketcap.Com/currencies/suni/ as soon as the event begins.
#1 Fear (FEAR)
About the Project
Remember the adolescence “Miniclip” games you used to play online lower back in the day? Fear.Io is a project that hosts a group of mini-horror video games. Not best are the video games enjoyable, but it’s miles clean how a good deal thought and work went into developing every recreation. What makes this challenge thrilling, is that users have the capability to play to earn FEAR cash and NFT items and characters. Be careful even though, there’s masses of blood and gore all through the video games!

How to Participate in the Airdrop
Start date: Friday twentieth September, 2021
Total Airdrop Amount: 20,000 FEAR
Number of Winners: 500
1 — Follow those debts on Twitter: https://twitter.Com/fearnfts & (optional)

2 — Follow those accounts of Telegram: https://t.Me/fearcoin & https://t.Me/cryptotickertrading

3 — Must like and RT the CoinMarketCap assertion on Twitter &




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Technology,Games,Trade,Crypto. Follow us at Twitter

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