The Bridge Between DeFi & The Music Industry

2 min readSep 28, 2021



BeatPlaylist is a desktop music streaming platform powered by YouTube that will be released in Beta during Q3, 2021.

Rhythm will be integrated into BeatPlaylist as the platform’s currency, powering our NFT albums, singles, playlists, and pins, and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to wallet holders of more than 10 million tokens and much more.


Rhythm aims to be the music ecosystem for all of DeFi. We have already started our project partnership program by partnering with two successful DeFi projects HODL2.0 and WSPP. BeatPlaylist will be accepting Rhythm, HODL, and WSPP as a payment method for our BeatPlaylist premium subscription service and will continue partnering with and accepting new tokens as a payment for our subscription service.

We plan on burning 50% of all partnered tokens received for our subscription service and will the sell the remaining 50%. The sold tokens will be invested into the Artist Partner Program.

Solve Problem

The music industry is a barely touched market in the crypto space due to the difficulty of solving the initial problems of funding, paying the artists, and getting artists to use the platform.

With music streaming platforms spending less time on utility and innovation and more time on their user interface, it’s time to bring innovation back to the music industry. At Rhythm, we aim to open the doors of DeFi to the music industry with an ecosystem which plans on slowly transitioning the music industry into a decentralized system that works end-to-end.

The current approach to decentralized music streaming is to build a CeDeFi/dApp that allows artists to create NFT’s of their music and albums, which is a great idea. However, this approach only contains NFT hosted music and excludes 99.9% of the music industry with their music hosted on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

The DeFi space needs to offer something of value to the music industry before well-known artists start opening themselves towards joining the DeFi space, and that’s where Rhythm comes in.


-Full access to over 100 million songs, music videos, and podcasts

-Create a playlist or try one curated by other members of the community

-Stay up to date with your favourite artists and their new releases

-Sing along to your favourite songs with lyrics view

-No limitation to the amount of songs you can add to a playlist

-Edit music metadata

-Stream ad-free music and music videos

-Connect your wallet and unlock wallet perks

-Buy Rhythm with debit/credit card

-NFT pins, playlists, singles, and albums displayed on your profile

-Trade, Buy and Sell NFT’s through our community market

-Artist Launchpad

-Tip your favorite artists




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