Over 10 New Cryptocurrencies Are Being Launched Every Day, Data Shows

2 min readSep 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency Boom of 2021

As can be determined on CoinMarketCap’s homepage, the number of current cryptocurrencies has recently passed 12,000. This is well over the approximately 7,one hundred cash recorded with the aid of the web site in September of last yr, meaning that at the least 4,900 new virtual assets were created inside the remaining 12 months alone.

This represents the largest YoY surge inside the absolute range of cryptocurrencies on the grounds that Bitcoin’s inception. During this time, the digital asset enterprise completed a complete marketplace cap of over $2 trillion.

Interest in crypto introduction is essentially driven by means of Bitcoin’s rate profits within the past year, in addition to growing institutional involvement in the area.

As household names like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey display help for the enterprise and its opportunities, both creative and monetary interest is still drawn into the distance. This further bolsters the markets, inspiring builders to work on their very own cryptocurrencies to avoid missing out on potential profits and demand.

Furthermore, digital property have garnered high interest as an asset magnificence for hedging towards inflation — specifically in the course of the financial disaster created by means of the coronavirus pandemic. While September of 2020 saw stock markets plunge, cryptocurrencies generally held their value. This may additionally have stimulated even more creators to begin making an investment and growing in the emerging asset elegance.

Is This a Good Thing for Crypto?

Through improved interest and technological improvement is essential to the crypto enterprise’s growth, an ever-developing range of coins can be counterproductive or even dangerous.

For example, SEC chair Gary Gensler is simplest extra skeptical of the distance due to the significant quantity of tokens in existence. Recognizing that there is no room for hundreds of different currencies, he plans to in addition regulate the enterprise to guard buyers earlier than a number of them inevitably crumble.

Indeed, many of those tokens appear to be risky investments — if now not outright scams. Over $25 million have been misplaced to crypto scams amongst Australians handiest within the first 1/2 of 2021